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Located in the magnificent city of Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, the City of Canterbury is known for its many diverse cultures, friendly people, exotic foods, great restaurants, and unique shopping experiences. There are scenic parks, historical sites and an extensive range of sporting and recreational facilities - Tasker Park, Canterbury Racecourse, and Canterbury Ice Rink just to name a few.

Major retail precincts include town centres in Campsie, Earlwood, Roselands Shopping Centre and Canterbury Hospital is also a focus for associated medical facilities and services. The City is geographically well placed, close to suppliers and services, and major transport links including the M5 motorway, main roads, freight rail lines, Port Botany and Sydney airport. The Sydney CBD is just a short drive or train ride away.

The Aura project is located approximately 10kms to Sydney’s CBD and 7.5kms to the airport, Canterbury’s new town centre and railway is only 900m away.

Canterbury is currently undergoing vast urban renewal along the Canterbury Road corridor and
surrounding the new Canterbury town centre. This transformation is seeing industrial property being
replaced by residential and into a community-friendly precinct and hub. Heralded as the “new inner-west”
hotspot in Sydney property surrounded by parks, sporting facilities, railway, future retail, food
and commercial enterprises.

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